Wednesday, May 27

Mesto the mad squirrel and his skullduggery

The Lurker mentioned his chaotic house and wanted to share a bit with you. This is just one of the bits of strangeness. We have bones and skulls scattered about the inside and outside of the house. One of the skulls has now become a real treat for a particular creature living on the grounds. As you can see Mesto the mad squirrel is gnawing on the skull. He comes out nibbles hear and there. Even in the rain this mornig his jittery shape was seen all over that dearly departed cow. Mrs. Lurker once told me of a disturbing site. She said she saw Mesto running across the yard with a big bone sticking from its mouth.
We sat for a while sipping our drinks watching nature take its very strange course. The Lurker is not sure why but he does not trust Mesto. I beleive he sneaks in at night and sits at the head of our bed sizing our skulls up for later ingestion.

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