Tuesday, May 26

Thank you and a welcome

The Lurker would just like to thank everyone for their very kind and sometimes funny emails about McGee. She went easily and I felt better after it was all over. Thank you to all.
I noticed later that I did not talk about the other cat we have besides Eli. His name is Silo. He is named because he was abandoned on a farm and was stepped on by a cow as a very tiny kitten. Because of this he has breathing issues and sounds like the kid behind you in Geometry that couldn't breath through his nose. Your high school experience may vary but I think you get what I mean. He has another great ability.He blows snot all over. If he can find it he eats it and then grosses all out who watch. If he doesn't find it then it is allowed to harden into something similar to titanium. The military is very interested in this. Mrs. Lurker called him Silo because of his farming experience. The Lurker on the other hand wanted to call him Heifer. I was a big fan of Rocko's Modern Life.

I also wanted to say welcome to the newest Lurkerite to join the Cult of Wasting Time.

1 comment:

  1. I like this Silo guy. Very cool hair.

    Rocko's Modern Life ruled. Too bad it's not on air. I want to DVR it.