Thursday, May 8

Wasting Time Volume 47

Not much to say but the Lurker did find two magical things on Demonoid the other day. Oh Ya the Lurker may not have mentioned that he got a birthday gift of the return of the best torrent site and community out there. Lots of hours have been logged on it since its revival. One is the Dreamworks show called Invasion America. If you like Exo squad and the x-files then this is for you. The only problem is that it ends with the words book one and apparently was never completed. Still about 13 episodes and it was excellent. The other find that was most awesome and hideous was the Star Wars Christmas album called Chistmas in the Stars. Seriously just the worst and the best at the same time. Anthony Daniels singing xmas tunes. I played it for Mrs. Lurker and she was appropriately horrified. Anyway lets get to some wasting of time


The Lurker




Below are few of the more interesting dating sites the Lurker has been hearing about. Some are fake some are very unfortunately real

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