Thursday, May 8

Robo Chick 2000

OK, so a week ago two chicks were born to the Lurker household. In the usual manner with all who live here there was something healthwise wrong. One of them had an extremely limpy leg. So we needed to immobilize the leg while it healed. The problem was that no matter what we did limpy would flop out. So the Lurker whipped out his trusty pliers and with the assistance of the Lurker's niece (she needs a nickname....hmmmm) the Robo Chick 2000 was born. Essentially it straps the chicken in and has two little feeding trays. The Lurker wanted something that resembled your experience on an airplane. Anyway here are the pics.
Oh yes the chicken is walking with a slightly small gait but is doing fine....YAY! Most of the congrats goes to Mrs. Lurker because she really took care of them.
The Lurker wonders if PETA approves of this device.

Click on the pictures to get a better look.


The Lurker

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