Friday, April 25

Wasting Time Volume 46

Welcome back dear time wasters. The Lurker has finally done what he set out to do which is to put up a thousand videos. At this moment there are exactly 1009. Freakin finally. So the Lurker may give that a rest for a bit while he stocks up on video tapes.

In other news the Lurker has come to realize that Vista is the New Coke of the computer world. The Lurker is a computer teacher you see and has to use this new flavor of Windows. It really is a pain in the neck for the new learner. To quote Gollum “we hates it!” So I would like to propose that people start mashing up New Coke advertisements or videos with Vista. Hopefully this will pass into the night like that awful soda. Also friends of the Lurker already know this but it should be restated. This is the one time of the year to purchase original coke with sugar and not crappy corn syrup. It is way better. The Lurker bought 15 2 liter bottles. It really is the coke of your youth. Read about the conspiracy. Get it now kiddies. You only have about a half of a week left is the Lurker’s guess.

Alright enough with all the talking lets waste some time.


The Lurker

Now the Lurker is no hockey fan but this is the funniest hockey fight ever.




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  1. The four corners thing is definitely freaky. WTH?