Wednesday, September 26

Wasting Time 36

Welcome back to another installment. Unfortunately The Lurker is a sad little lurker. A dear dear friend has gone away. Demonoid, the torrent community, has gone into hiding because of the Canadian version of RIAA cracked down hard on them. To this point it has been a community that had really felt it their duty to distribute everything from the archaic to the popular. Now I know the argument against copyrighted stuff and I can understand it but what about the stuff that will never see the light of the day like Galtar and the Golden Lance. No it is not a porno but a fantastic eighties cartoon. This will never be on DVD.
Alright enough. Demonoid, We wish you well and hope you are able to come out of hiding soon. You will be missed.

.....and now back to our regularly scheduled program.......


The Lurker
P.S. The Lurker is sorry for the amount of videos, got carried away.

I wish I had a clue about this guy. He is a fantastic speaker. He reeks of awesomeness...oh and pot!


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  1. i was also stuck in the middle of a galtar download from demonoid, when it went down. i am really upset about it.