Monday, September 17

Wasting Time 35

Don't taser me brother! Since The Lurker has recently been obsessed with the show Arrested Development I have been out of the net world for a bit. However The Lurker came across a Wired article talking about this guy who got tased at a John Kerry event. Check this out and watch the video and read the article. It is really amazing. Anyway onto the entertainment.

By this time you have heard or actually seen the whiny kid crying over Brittany Spears. This is a George Bush version and it is magically delicious

By the way here is the link to the original, Note MTV has offered him his own show. The world is truly over.

OK this is hideously amazing how it lines up. This is the phonetic subtitles of a Dutch Kid show


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  1. The sheer length of the list of last meals makes me want to cry. Friggin death penalty.

    (Is it awful that I want the first meal myself?)