Tuesday, October 2

Wasting Time Volume 37

Another week gone and done with. This weekend we not only get a day off but there are 3 weddings of note going on. So to all the happy couples get some sleep tonight. It is a long long day.
Now onto the fact that the vote is overwhelming to choose just the best vids and so the Lurker has. Everything in the list is the best he has seen all week. Come on more is better and more fun to boot. So if one does not grab you another hopefully will. Enjoy the cream of the crop.

The Lurker

P.S. The Lurker should mention the new blog. He and other imbibers are going to three bars per week and rating them. This all takes place in New Bedford, MA so expect some sketchiness. It can all be found at the NB Bar Flies blog. not much up there yet but soon.

P.S.S. If anyone readers of this post want the lurker to highlight their blog or site send an email.

This is the type of commercial that the Lurker searches for on old video tapes. Wow just gold, freakin awesome.

A disturbing and funny anti smoking ad


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