Wednesday, March 7

Wasting Time volume 11

Welcome back time wasters. This is chock full of yummy time wasting goodness. As usual click on the ads that support the site and pass it on if you like what you see. This is all said with a hefty please.
The Lurker

Hot Hot Cats doing what they do best! This site is awesome.

This is one of the best video I have seen in a long time. I need a block of ice down my pants! Thanks Nick

Now you might think I have nothing to do watching and posting all this waste of time but I am not this guy.

Yummy KFC. Why cook dinner.

This is tremendous if you live in a place like NY that has posters everywhere. It is a bit of vandalism you can do yourself.....How about HERPES. Check this out.

Man the other day a few of us got wasted and stumbled into the hanger and we flew the Millennium Falcon outta there. Never fly drunk!

The site below I call shenanigans on. Anything that can be done to these lovely people the better.
This is such an awful site. I put it here because at first I said OK this is a joke but I think I am wrong. Awful awful stuff. Also again this feels like a joke check the video but still horrible stuff.

So you thought PS3 was a bad idea too. Finally get some music to go along with your thoughts

So I had wondered how my computer's mouse worked, now I know.

These video were the best as a kid.

Sometimes I can't figure out what these movies are saying. Good thing for the translator.

Serious I saw this one and I am still having flashbacks...Pickle Surprise

I tried to figure out a better way to tell people my phone number but mine does not spell anything. give yours a try.

I love noodles too.

I like this idea. Hide something in plain site and then someone comes and finds it and the circle is complete.

I despise this game. Stupid ball and stupid geometry. Ugh! There is a problem. It is addictive.

Just strange. See how long you can listen to horrible songs and see how others fared

What the hell is wrong with these people?

Have you been stealing from the great and glorious Internet? Find out the worth.

Very cool, Nicole you must already know this...CHEATER!!

And speaking of stealing from the Internet Triple J, one of the great radio stations, has free Mp3's

Ann says no one will care but I was very happy to see this commercial.

Don't get it just watch or maybe call the number.

Your kids still easting chicken nuggets? Not after this they won't.

One more on the fast food scene. I personally would have lacquered this and displayed it. Freakin awesome!!

So you want to waste time but you are all tense and anxious. Click here and wait for it to load. Very relaxing and fun

Men's retreat, just OK

Really close Google maps

This scares me

Are you heading to a meeting and you need some key phrases to hit them with. Try here

I really like this type of ZOOM thing. This one is very long.

This is an old one but I do like watching it

Matrix version of above

OK I know I harp on the intelligent design thing but scientist singing?


  1. Mr. Lurker-

    You will find in doing more research that Mr. Donnie Davies is a huckster from Dallas, TX. He is an improv comedian based there. It is all a hoax. A well done hoax however. Keep on wasting your time and mine.

    Your follower

  2. I bow to your knowledge. I therefore call off the shenanigans.