Wednesday, February 28

Wasting time volume 10

If you find anything that should be on the site please send it here. I wanted to put more stuff online but everything fun is disappearing off of youtube.

So you bought a magnet for the troops. I bet they really appreciate it.

Keep your eyes on the door. I do so love ridiculous stuff on newscasts

stained glass in Boston churches has really changed

I think we should be doing this everywhere

I am not sure if I should but Nutragrain stuff or be frightened from it......BABIES!!

Science fun to do with your anarchist children

I was never the best
at parking my car, maybe I should practice.

I love this
product! It reminds me of the girl in the D&D cartoon with the
staff. Gosh she looks happy.

From the same website as the previous link. I may buy this one.

I don't know this one is mesmerizing. It is a stuffed Chewbacca sing things. I don't have a clue why though.

you have never heard a Platypus then it is time

Why do the Japanese get better ads then we do? GET HIM!!!

Do you feel good about yourself? Well let us stop that now. See what others have accomplished by your age. This could destroy an ego, BEWARE!

Ya I like the Muppets too but this is obsessive. It is a WIKI devoted to em.

Unusual video. Think sims and an airplane instructional guide

I laughed for a while watching this one, Bit nippy huh bud?

This guy is everywhere in People's court. I love this one. Watch his eyes near the end. I want to be him. He is a true lurker.

I love this site. It is a parody of those hideous sites that piss me off.

This is from the same freakos that gave us the library game. Apparently it is harder to laugh than I thought

Not enough snow to make a snow man then try this one.

I want to be a Radical Atheist too. The video is nonexistent but I love Douglas Adams views on Atheism in Britain are quite refreshing

If you figure out why this was made please tell me. Think piano but with sunburned girls.

Just freakin strange

This is an oldie. 213 things Skippy can't do!

Who doesn't love Pee Wee Herman? Do you still like him while doing crack?

Below are the same video twice so that you can compare and contrast. Pencils ready?

Oh school is fun!!

Going to the bathroom has become high tech.

A list of dumb notes written to excuse kids from school.

I don't know about you but I really like the Apple other languages.

So you hear a woman scream and it is your time to shine and rescue her. Best article ever!

Myspace the Movie
"She's got the angles"

Do you wanna see the angry beaver?????

I have been a fan of Don Hertzfeldt work for a long time. This is bit of work he did for an intermission of an animation festival. There are two other parts.

This creeps me out. Mark my words she will kill us all!!!

The interweb has arrived with this fantastic dot com company

Flash Mob humor is wonderful

I have been adding these numbers to my cell for like 6 hours now.

Just awesome....I am mighty finder

Wow this is strange even for this blog. furniture porn. safe for work.

I know I am an apple geek and majorly biased but come on.

Don't look away you will miss something.

Man everyone can understand this guy. He has to be making this up.

Thanks Bud!

I am definitely showing my cat this video.

Watch the chicken in the background.

A Star Wars song done in barbershop quartet

I love this commercial. The best is the first kid to speak. ...and it's mine

Until next time...keep lurking

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  1. Be damn proud!!! You had me laughing my ass off. Oh and thanks for the hook-up, I have been looking for an adult sheep finder site. Baah!!!