Thursday, March 15

Wasting time Volume 12

This video is one of the best on the web. It has two problems though. First it is in German and it starts very slow but the payoff is very big. Think a safety video meets Run Lola Run and Evil Dead.
Freakin awesome!!!

This seems scarier going so slow.

See this is why I do not work at a fast food joint. Sound works well even with the cheesy announcer.

I am so drunk, the game!!

Must be German the top right hand

There is something so awesome about these pics. The free floatingness of it all is very cool. Send in your own

This is so uncomfortable. You just want to help the poor guy out.

This one is similar to the one above but it has to do with a Phoon, read on

I have no idea why I find this group so catchy but give em a try. Plus the guys mustache looks like a caterpillar. You can find a lot of their videos on youtube or Noggin

This is just plain dumb. Pump the volume nice and loud especially if you at work.

Thanks Pete for this. I just joined a union and I needed this intro video

I used to believe in a network of computers as a child a web if you will, see what others beleived as kids

Great Video

Ya you think your awesome with your Target bought retro t-shirt. Well you are so living in the past. Try Retro the new way!

Finally a network for me

Ya know I could try to write something witty but just watch the intro instead.

Thriller was bad but in Indian, Youch

It must be a day of sites that just do one type of picture. This people crying.

Walken the scariest of actors

This is Wonderful! Not only is it George Brett but he's gotta nice package. Um its a guy thing!!

Zombies and kids, Kids and Zombies. I feel all cold and squish inside!!

Think Small babies coming at you and you shoot them, Fun eh!

Oh Tom Waits you are fun

This is an old one but McDonald's is still hiring.

I like Gum

Great fun Game, Very cartoony, Oh and the S key is to jump.

Just me and my the library

Welcome to the Heart Attack Grille

No reason to ask why on this one?

A long time ago I started sending out junk I found on the net to all my friends. The post below is that first email. Enjoy!

A few that I saved up over a long time…all safe for work

I had to watch it twice.

No wonder Dell sells so well

OK forget Global Warming—need sound…have a nap then fire the missiles

Mimes are funny…Need sound for this one

This is for all those seal clubbers out there

Good old fashioned pain

stupid but funny

Pay close attention to his words in the beginning

Boring but impressive

awesome but he is such a jerk…need sound to hear the high pitches

Why? Someone is getting on in years

hahahahahaha goats…for those without sound…startled goat, well …uh…um…..faint

Now this did happen at ours but peter and colin beware…quite a compilation

very very funny …I am an actual asian male ….beware bad words on screen

Gosh I am wasting away with ayds

Enjoy everyone and get some damn work done today


  1. Oh god, the people crying had me hysterical. Good job!

  2. And that's why I had to stop photocopying my ass at work...