Thursday, March 29

The New Wasting Time 14

Why new? Well because I thought I might organize this stuff by category. However I only did two of them. So please leave a comment and tell the lurker if you like this setup versus the old setup before I do real work. Also I want to do a post of only audio that you can get for free and legal. I know this is not usually one of my concerns but there is some great stuff out there and they are giving it away. Please email or post a comment. Oh and keep the submissions coming.
And now for something completely different.


This is a compilation of a wonderful set of commercials. I have watched this three times……..Cheers!

Some of you have bought the Wii. I will not because it is the Gitmo of the gaming world…Thanks Mary

If you like Dora the explorer than you will love Maraka

Just more reasons not to attend church….I do like compilations

An old one but who does not love Mario?

Man….I am going to this up and coming school. Is that a PS1 controller?

I love a good commercial

So totally not safe for work…Very funny though and with Amy Sedaris

Some of you have seen this before. A lovely PSA about white programmers….close enough…Thanks Pete

Oh my Kermit....Damn the Junk

Ok I know I harp on the Evolution vs. creationism thing

Go ahead be in the know Uh OH DNDers run

Been around for a while but I will tell you I learned something…Oh this one is better because it has subtitles….Thanks Nigel

Wow that is a different point of view. PLay on

Oh when geeks have a show

This is one of those Pissy work videos. Ya know angry with the computer…That never happens!

This is the winner of Wasting your time. These are a set of shows that were on about the Justice League of America. They are live action and hideous. As Colin would say they are a commitment

The Challenge and the Roast

Compilation of women falling. Just wonderful

Ya I am the mall lurking and you gotta go

God Tube…no really…not kidding!

I only made it through part of this but it a time waster and just plain strange.


Now I know everyone enjoys sheep but this is ridiculous. I guess they would be good to count.

Count in Korean, are you crazy. Well it is time to join the craze…Thanks Zack

Are you a premed student? Do you enjoy saving bunnies? Are you quick? Seriously quick. I did not save the bunny...Thanks Pete

Quick game. You are the missile!

Some enjoyable shirts

Do you enjoy music? Do you ever listen backwards? I mean the music not your sitting position. I love this because they have Nature Trail to Hell.

Just strange but with a flair for the cool

I may become a Republican I will use this as a guide to the other part of America

My cans of soda are not cold enough quick enough….buy this

This story is very important to the lurker

NSFW…Frightening pic of a Woman

Do you enjoy going to a site and no one knows or would you rather go to Google an there are a group of friends waiting for you.

Jesus he is good. The first is the real site, the second is a wonderful parody. They would make great posters

Um OK…big black balls…of fun…Totally safe for work

This blog is wonderful. Great pictures of toys that should not exist. The lurker is impressed. Hopefully the Pics work