Thursday, March 22

The return of the 13th volume

OK, I was driving home in a foul and depressed mood because I could not get this thing to work but because of a strange growling man in a tan car and a bowl of oranges I realized I had let it win. So with much nashing of teeth and oatmeal cookies the deed is done. However for the time being no more embedded videos until they fix the glitch.

One last thing when I and Mrs. Lurker were at our local large purveyor of food stuffs we found an intersting pairing.
and now the delayed post!!!

Welcome back to the 13th installment of Wasting your time. Before I begin I would like to thank Jonathan and Pete for sending in goodies. Please if you have weirdness I will take it. Oh and the usual shameless plug, if you click on an advertisement I will give a large percentage to myself. In fact I will give it all to me and Mrs. Lurker. Happy wasting of time.

I have watched this countless times and it kills me.

Guns kill people but what do pants do?

Now two great tastes that are great together, Star Wars and Elvis

I know what you are thinking. But why?

A nice bit of comedy

Organ puns on T-shirts, finally.

Oh those healthy incredibles

I know I have done a lot here on evolution but I did not know Darwin had a posse

An oldie but a goodie

Are you sick of Family Guy not being interactive, Try this. It needs work

Enjoy two superheroes that go so well together. Oh and ignore the awesome floor they are standing on when flying

Another in the wide world of what the hell?

Why is he checking what his kids do..ugh!

Internet Safety tips...beware

Another rather uncomfortable dating page. I love when he explains how he came up with his username

Chuck Norris is a bad ass, the video.

The big-time video for Obama about Hillary done spoofing the original Apple ad. This really well done and I even love the edited in iPod.

Fox news interesting banners

This is one to watch a couple of times. Look for the people getting out. Winter sucks

And you think my photo is creepy

A magician that leaves you hungry for more. I like tag lines that sound like bad news anchors on TV

You are at home confused and wishing there was a higher place to ask for direction, try this!

Just a nice montage of News mistakes

It aint no thing..oh wait yes it is.

Very nice ad campaign

I had to go and they were watching

I have not watched the whole thing because I started to lose hearing. I don't have a clue what it is about.

And speaking of going, bring a journal to write what you see.

Stop your jibber-jabber

For all the friends getting married this summer, click here first.

Nice bit of animation about a door

This has been around for a while but it is the future of ordering pizza

Since everyone has sent me this I had to put it on.I give you the iRack

Really not sure, just a guy and his collection.

How big is a cell for captured prisoners

Hello Kitty and the hell that it inspires


  1. This site would be so much cooler if there was video on it.


    Out of nowhere, now an hour of my life is gone. You're goooood.