Tuesday, April 3

Wasting time volume 15

Welcome Back everyone. Another week and has gone by and it is time to waste more of your time you do not have. The lurker likes this look and will try to keep it up if possible. Yesterday was the lurkers birthday and he celebrated it properly by attending a meeting with Mrs. Lurker at the town hall. Some might say the lurker was loud and annoying when he should have only been quietly lurking in the back and unfortunately he made it into the local rag of a paper. So much for the being the nonentity in the corner. Oh well enjoy and lets all get less done. Oh and send some stuff in. There is so much time wasting going on it is unbelievable.

The lurker

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Video...I am including flash movies here. Just because they are flash does not make them less of a person..um video..



Strange things to buy

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