Tuesday, February 20

Wasting Time Volume 9

In this post you will find the frightening and the strange. If you like this stuff leave a comment and tell me. If you don't or if you have a good link to recommend please leave it at the bottom.
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I wish our national bird was something else

OK so you are looking to spice up your webpage with a little life. I mean really little. How about a ton of fetuses or fetai or whatever

This is an oldie but Homeland security never gets old. YAY! Cheney and Duct Tape!

The non-moving Earth and anti-evolution web page of the Fair Education Foundation. What does this mean you ask? How about a freak telling you why evolution and orbits are wrong. Wonderful stuff here

An Ugly baby made better.....with Photoshop

I am not a fan of David Blaine and his little attitude. This is a wonderful spoof on his act.

There are certain comic strips that sync perfectly with my thinking. This is one.

IKEA is a wonderful place for all types of interests. Great commercial

I will never know why I find so much funny in news people screwing up. Fainting is funny.

I love me some flea markets but do I rap about them? NO and there is a reason!

Do pine cones turn you on? Does nature arouse you? Check these sexy sexy pics of nature.

Sylvia Browne is a psychic. She is just an awful one. Seriously I have always hated this throaty pathetic woman. Watch the show host try to help. SAD very SAD

I love this. Kids draw some pics and then artists do their version of what the kid was thinking.

This is a classic of classics. Famous before there was a youtube.OK quick pun. It is a whale of a good time.

I used to carry a notebook with me just to write down bathroom grafitti. This is a site devoted to it.

Sometimes YETI hair gets everywhere! So I get my barber tools out and go to town

Bored the mini golf to the rescue

Simple: Write like an Egyptian

Bathroom Duckies + Darth Vader = Perfection

OK now you are super thin from exercise. It is time to eat. Weight watchers cards from 1974. Ouch!!

It is unfortunate this could not be embedded. Stupid people on stupid game shows

This is the best idea. I hate these people who park in two aisle in a parking lot. It would be worth buying a ton of these.

Apparently there was hidden video on the next generation DVDs. I am a little scared inside

The obsession with cats on the internet is scary. Cats dancing. One at a time is ok, more is frightening.

Do you find the New Pope frightening. See the real story.

This would be funnier if the writing did not look like the person took this seriously. Chewbacca's blog!!

You ready for some hot porn? Alright this is semi ok for work. It is a great take on photos.

Have you decided to become an uber leet? Understand the speech. This is so sad. It is like a primer for those who have no idea but want to spy on the children.

Bees are hot. But they are not swingers.

I must admit I don't get the code but if it is true it is really very funny.

I searched for this after I lost it a while back. Someone has gone through MySpace and found awful haircuts and then paired them with superhero comic characters.

Basic funny stupid signs.

Pax-com, two games that are great together.

Why are resistors so damn sexy?

Best site on the planet. Listen to all sorts of movies at work. Also the player features a stealth mode that looks like Excel or Access.

Don't have a girlfriend, no problem.

Last post I put up a strange mouse pad. This one is a strange step forward.

He-man Spy-dor. Beware of it.

Samwell's what what....There are levels of scariness here.

I had no idea there was such a thing as a combat rosary. I first thought it was a thing to strangle others. Who knew says the Jewish kid.

Love Bacon but you find it sloppy in the tub then follow this recipe.

Porn from the seventies had a certain...um...groovy ..um...soundtrack. Well meet the composer and get some funky downloads or just give a listen to Rubber Love

Why geeks are worth it. An open letter on Craigslist.

Hope you enjoyed the list and I will see you next post!
The Lurker

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