Wednesday, February 9

This is Driving the Lurker nuts

Fine I'm late to the party. I have been going back and watching the feud between the Daily Show and Fox News over the word use of Nazi. Below will be all the videos but here is the thing I can't stand. Megyn Kelly, a Fox New's person gets into a tiff with a person she interviews. He says that fox uses the word Nazi. She says no. Daily show spanks the crap out of here and shows her the network is rife with the term. O'Reilly is used as an example and rebuts him being used. The daily show re-rebuts (ha! butt) and makes his point even better. 
Cool! all well and good. So where the hell is Megyn Kelly's response to all this? 
The Lurker doesn't understand why when any journalist(especially Fox News) gets shown to be have made a mistake but out right denies something came out of their mouth that there is ZERO accountability. If a paper screws up they usually "try" to make up for the mistake. Why are cable channels above this? The Daily Show shows time and again shows the wrong info that is being battered around and there is no apology from the perpetuators . In fact I went to Fox's website and did a search and it was scrubbed for any mentions of the issue. Go to any other new' site/blog and its all over the place.

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