Tuesday, February 1

The Best Apps for the Action Figure Collector

Sample photo from the app
The Lurker has been collecting toys as far back as I can remember. I love almost all toy lines from the 70's and 80's but I have issues trying to figure out what I'm missing. Enter Three Brothers Apps. This guy has put a great selection of free apps focused on toys and action figures. The reason The Lurker is promoting the apps is I submitted a ton of GI Joes images to be used. No I don't get a kickback and either does the guy making it but he does have ads at the bottom and more views helps I am sure. If you do download it please leave a review so his wife knows the work is really appreciated.
They are straight forwardly simple, organized by production date with a photo for each figure (if he has access to them). There is a basic owned check box. There a few other choices as well but that is the main one the I need.
Also I should say if you have a bunch of toys and wouldn't mind taking some photos he could use them to fill in the gaps. Don't do it for glory or money but for the advancement of collectors everywhere.
So if you are a collector or just digging out some toys from the basement then give these a try. It would make the Lurker happy as well.

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