Wednesday, November 24

The Lurker challenges you

I have been watching the "it gets better" videos and I think they are fantastic and extremely helpful for kids dealing with tough issues. It empowers them and makes them feel this crap will all end or at least get better. But, there is always but. Anyway I was bullied all through out school for being a small kid with a big mouth, a geek, and Jewish. That all being said I would really like to see some videos directed to all kids who are bullied. I don't mean anti bullying stuff. I mean the same it gets better videos but for the strange, geeks, nerds, dorks, and the rest of kids that are different. I whole heartily support the cause and understand why the LGBT kids should really be concentrated on. Frankly because they are 4 times more likely to go for the final option. Kids are bitches and they will attack like piranha anything that smells different and tear it to pieces. So I would like to challenge all of you who fly the geek flag to write a post or film a video to help out kids that are different in all sorts of ways.

The inspiration for this post is this story of a geek girl being bullied. Also a coworker told me of her 10 year old who was being bullied for having issues akin to OCD and for just being overall different.

So all of you geekatoids assemble and tell them it gets cooler.
When school is over you can choose who to be around instead of being forced to be with people you hate. You go to cons with people with similar tastes. It so gets better and is so much more fun outside of school.
Please let them know.


The Lurker

P.S. I know the picture is about cats but the sentiment is the same. Telling a kid it gets better does not have to come from someone who is famous it just has to come from someone who truly means it.

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