Friday, April 30

"classy as fuck"

The Picture has of course nothing to do with this ad. You really gotta love a guy who knows what he wants.

Portrait in front of potted plant (Salt Lake City)
Date: 2010-04-29, 10:05AM MDT
Reply to:

I feel that to top off my college career, I should have one of those classy as shit portraits done of me in front of a potted plant. I don't own any plants, so it would be preferable if you have one or can paint one from memory. But I don't know who memorizes potted plants. Anyways, this thing needs to be all Gordon S. Monson up in that painting. I need to look classy as fuck. So if you know how to paint "classy", you and I have a future in this job.

I dunno what to pay you, just give me a quote. This bitch will be going up in my front hallway, so plenty of important people in suits with blackberrys and secretaries who blow them will be seeing it. As such, I will pay well for the work.

Also, it doesn't hurt if you know how to do that thing where dudes look like they are just straight mother fucking businessmen, maybe I should be wearing glasses or have a leather portfolio under my arm. You know what I mean.

* Location: Salt Lake City

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