Tuesday, February 2

You bastard of a Groundhog

As I write this I sit in my darkened office with my sunglasses on. The Lurker can feel the oncoming winter storm in his stupid head. I frankly did not need a rodent with a spotlight to tell me there would be another six weeks of winter. However on Sunday Mrs. Lurker and I did do our civic duty by watching Groundhog Day. Do your part for America as well and watch Mr. Murray.
In honor of the hated hole dwelling ground squirrel I give you an old favorite with some new material mixed in. Enjoy Alan or is it Steve?

I found this pic and loved it but I have no idea why someone would make it. Also if you leave a comment saying that the pic and video are not actually featuring groundhogs I will come to your house and throw up on you. So there.....

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