Friday, November 13

You say it's not funny so why are you laughing

Several weeks ago there was the story of a Cheerleader who got the Swine Flu shot and it trigger an extremely rare disease. Now when the Lurker watched the original one he felt sympathy for this poor woman. Thankfully she is getting better. The whole thing with her that makes this super strange is that she can run backwards fine and all her symptoms disappear but forward or at rest she is severely disabled. You can watch the original here and her video of how she is doing here
So why is the Lurker talking about this you ask? Well within days there was a remixed version that makes you laugh out loud (no acronyms for me) and then quickly look around to make sure no one saw you laughing at this woman. She's doing better so go ahead get a cheap laugh out of it. Life is short so enjoy!!

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