Tuesday, November 17

This may take the sting out

This is a plea to all artists....get crackin on this.
First off what is this? Well the famous movie Night of the Living Dead is being animated by all sorts of artists. Watch the video for the rules. Also click here to see the project and how far it has gotten. 
Why does the Lurker care? Well when the Lurker was 4 or 5 I was staying with my father. The Lurker's dad dropped him off at daycare. It was a place for all of ages of kids to go to. They would play games or rent movies. The movies are what I remember most as you will see. One of the people running this place came back and said to all the kids I am very sorry but they did not have the movie they were going to watch. The first pick of movies was King Kong. I don't think that is really age appropriate but who cares because the second pick was Night of the Living Dead. All other movies pale in comparison to the amount of imagination you are forced to use with that movie. It is all there playing out inside your brain. It was too bad my brain was only 4 years old and those images were then stabbed into it. Anyway the nightmare have since receded and I have come more to terms with that classic. It also helped to here George Romero on Wait Wait Don't tell Me. The Lurker must take his hat off to that singular director. It really is a great movie. Anyway please if you have the skill participate in the project.

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