Monday, November 16

Challenge the Lurker: MuffinTops

A week ago The Lurker was challenged to find all he could with the subject of Muffitops. Oh muffintops the great and wondrous fashion choice of the wal-mart crowd. A fashion no-no at the best of times. Below is the list of everything I could find. 

It seems that there are only two real solutions for the battle of the bulge. Wear looser pants or my personal favorite walk on your hands. 

This is the video that started Jon thinking about muffintops. The Lurker has never seen this show but he enjoyed most of this.

1 comment:

  1. Lurker, you have truly outdone yourself. Amazingly fine work scrubbing the intraweb, bringing us the best that Muffintops have to offer. Many thanks.
    Good luck with your next challenge. Jon