Thursday, August 27


Don't start this video! I mean it when you begin you will not be able to stop. There is something totally mesmerizing about him. 
You have been warned!
The comments for the video talk about this guy having his own channel that would just run these commercials. What the Hell! Then again I can totally see why.


  1. Lurker, I am so tickled to see Asian Sam finally made it to Youtube notoriety. (I only call him "Asian" because I have never been able to figure out his exact ethnicity.)

    This guy has been doing commercials in my area for years. I've never seen a channel that only runs these, but I have seen him rent out the ad space on local channels for like 10 hours at a time... He'll run them all night. Sometimes in the afternoon, too, it's just an hour or two of this stuff, and it doesn't even loop. It's seriously entrancing.

    The first year or so (this must have been the late 90s), he used to have his daughter on the commercials with him, always wearing this dragon shirt. She must have gotten embarrassed by it though because she hasn't been on since. Recently, this woman has been joining him on the commercials. I know that she runs "Scratch and Dent World," the traveling discount appliance store, but other than that, the details of the partnership are mysterious. She yells a lot, frequently hits and abuses the appliances, always wears that plaid dress, and always wears a knee brace. Why? Why does she need the knee brace? She's been wearing it for like 3 years! The world may never know.

    These commercials must really work though because there are at least a dozen stores littered across central Florida, and you can't miss them. They're all painted that green-on-bright-yellow color scheme you see in the commercials. It is a serious eyesore. Their delivery trucks are painted that way too.

    As if that wasn't bad enough, one opened up down the street from my house, and I guess they listed their phone number wrong, because people kept calling my house for a few months looking for Appliance Direct!!

    Well that was a wall of text, but I thought you might find it interesting. Now I'm disappointed I didn't put my Appliance Direct videos up on Youtube. I've had "Wakkie Nu Nu" sitting on my hard drive for years, unshared with the world. Shame on me.

    P.S. For another central Florida classic late-night commercial show, look up Family Auto Mart. Two crazy fat guys doing skits, basically. Almost as baffling as Appliance Direct.

  2. Thanks so much for all the great info. I must say I laughed through most of it thinking of this guy. I will track down the two you recommended. Thanks again

  3. haha this dude is from my area in the 239 fort myers florida aka lil pakistan you should lurk our area.