Thursday, August 27

Thanks Mike...

So yesterday the Lurker asked for some help locating the name of a sauce at a restaurant. The only response I got was from a guy named Mike. He redirected your friendly neighborhood Lurker to a Yahoo Answers page. I was quite excited that someone had an answer for me so quick. Unfortunately Mike is not a truthful person and the Lurker was exposed to a frightening conversation about a person's green sperm issues and his girlfriends affinity for the stuff. 
Bad Mike Bad. NO! Bad Mike! Off the table...I mean no more gross comments or I will spray you with the water bottle. are you listening? 

I believe this to be a picture of the culprit.

1 comment:

  1. how did you get that off my computer?!?

    for the record, it was supposed to be a batman logo, but i didn't have a mirror, and i guess it looks like a heart.