Wednesday, August 26

A legend dies.

The Lurker knows this video shows pictures not of Ted Kennedy but of Bobby. The tribute he pays to him during his eulogy should be played for his own funeral. It is a particularly strong speech with a lot of hope and is just as current today as it was then. It seems strange to say he will be missed. The Lurker never met the man and even disagreed with some of his policies but he has always been there like the Lincoln Memorial. I felt as if he was just part of the Massachusetts and Washington scene. Thank you for what you did bring to make America a much better place. He was not a perfect man which made it almost better somehow.
The last of the old guard passes on. 

Sorry no funny above but the video got to the Lurker. However I did update the death list this morning and my brother in law, Mr. Draft is now in the lead. You can follow along on the right. Just click on the tombstone for the morbid scores. 

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