Friday, June 12

What a holiday

Mrs Lurker and I went a trashin' last night. Our niece and nephew were also along for the ride and help. Now for the uninitiated trashing or gleaning is that act of going through other people's cast offs. Sometimes you find amazing stuff and sometimes you don't but it is always a lot of fun. Mrs. Lurker got a very old apple/wine press. I will get a photo on here soon. It is quite cool and ridiculously heavy. The Lurker on the other hand got this frightening articulated dummy that will come alive and kill me while I shower. I am at work and had to pull it out of the trunk for the picture. Not suspicious at all. While setting up the body for the photoshoot a young woman walks by and doesn't even give it a glance. The Lurker would have had to stop , ask questions, and take photos. We have two more weeks of trashin'. If the rain ever stops it should be a great event.

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