Thursday, June 11

ramblings brought on because of lack of caffeine...oh boy

OK so the Lurker has been thinking about the rapture. Yes that rapture. There is a forum. I know right? I love that sentence. The Lurker doesn't use it but it makes him laugh. Most likely too much. Oh right...anyway the rapture. I read through this forum and they all think it is a comin' and it got me thinking that this could be a really good idea. Just in overpopulation alone it would be great. Also a lot of stalled legislation would go through much quicker. I know there to be bigger and better revelations here but the one major thing that would be awful is that the amount of crazy things I get to well...lurk through would go down and I would be forced to watch more cat videos than I already do. Not that this is a bad thing but it would definitely put a hole in my life as a lurker plus they would stop making those cool comics I collect whenever I am NYC. Thank you street saviors for your awesome reading material for the ride home. Oh and thank you to the wheelchair guy who sings in Chinatown.

So I just thought I would throw it out to you in the flux of cyberspace. Check the forum and see how fast they think it is going to happen.
I also just thought of all the free cars that would be available on the streets. The problem is that they are going to be hummers. Dammit!

One other sidenote or are they all sidenotes and this is the real point? Anyway go see Star Trek. If you haven't seen you are missing out. See it on the big screen. It really is worth it.

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