Friday, May 22

McGee: a shy sweet cat

Today is very sad day.
I am bringing our cat to be put down today. I am not getting into the why but we know it is time. So the Lurker thought he might fill you in on the tale of how we got her. Before telling the beginning of that story you must know another. About 13 years ago Mrs. Lurker and I went to a yard sale and saw 3 cats in a pet carrier for sale. We like to buy everything at sales like this and so for $4.00 we bought Eli who grew up to be a gigantic Maine Coon. He is huge and ferocious and sometimes mean but I love him. A year later I convinced Mrs. Lurker that Eli needed a friend. Now we could have gone to the pound or any other service but we took a strange action. We showed up on the very front door of the home that had the Yard Sale a year ago. We knocked and explained about our previous purchase and how everything had gone well. We asked if they might have any others. We asked this like they always buy a six pack of kitties and had a few leftovers in the pantry. Surprisingly the woman's daughter was bringing over 12 kittens that they were trying to have adopted. Mrs. Lurker and I tried to come to some terms as to which ONE to get but we could not. So we both got the one we liked. On the way home with are two new kittens we thought of names. I suggested they should be named as a couple and so Mrs. Lurker suggested naming them after an old radio show that I was fond of. Fibber and McGee became part of our house and fit in perfectly in the chaotic way that we keep a home. The Lurker should mention two side things that all 3 come from the same mother and F&M had/have double toes. Unfortunately Fibber got out and was later hit by a car. I buried him on our, at that time newly, bought property. Today I shall reunite them. As I write this I am trying not to blubber but putting your pet down is a hard part of the bargain. We grow so fond of them and then in a flash they are gone.

McGee is Calico on the left. She is/was the opposite of Fibber. He was always rambunctious and everywhere at once knocking Mrs. Lurker's favorite objects to the ground in a smash. McGee could always be counted on to sit and sleep on a lap. She was always skittish. If you made almost any sound and she might disappear in a puff of hair.
I am sorry to be depressing on a nice Friday but I established this site years ago to give me a place to speak my mind. Thank you for reading.

Today is a tough sad day.


  1. So sorry about your cat. Our pets are so innocent in some ways its harder to see them go than friends and family. It's like a giant punch in the gut. Time is the only remedy.

  2. So sorry, Lurker and the Mrs. Lurker. McGee will always be well loved. I hope Eli and Sneezy aka Silo are ok.

  3. So sorry to hear about McGee. That was the only cat that you could touch without being attacked by claws or sneezes. He will be missed by many! Let us know if there is anything we can do.