Wednesday, May 20

Giggle like a middle schooler

There are many things that are frowned upon in this day and age and one of them is Helen Keller jokes. Unfortunately those particular jokes as mean and rude as they are have a soft spot in my heart. I can still remember what lunch table I was sitting at when I heard my first one. Anyway the Lurker just came across this fantastic video that simulates the Helen Keller experience. I do recommend watching it in HQ. I am not embedding it on the page because some may be offended. As you know The Lurker never tries to offend others.
Oh yes make sure you raise the volume.

The Lurker

What is Helen Keller's favorite color?

PS the above pic is of Stewie playing Marco Polo with Ms. Keller


  1. why did hellen keller cancel her subscription to good housekeeping?