Tuesday, April 7

I did see them

So the Lurker was inspired to do this whole music week thing because he was going to see Bishop Allen in concert. Mrs. Lurker and I got to Boston hung out, did some shopping, and had some great food at the Middle East Club where they were going to play. At this time the Lurker started to feel the beginnings of a migraine. I popped some pills to help but we knew I might not make it to the concert. However we did technically see the band because they walked within a foot of our table. So I can say I did see Bishop Allen. What I can't say is that I saw them in concert. I kept saying I can make it till 8 when they were to go on but then we found out the first of 4, yes 4 freakin bands would go on at 8, BA would go on at 11:30. Once that news filtered in we gave out tickets away to some couple.
So much for music week. However the food was great.

The Lurker

P.S. While I gave the tickets away The Lurker did not reazlize that when I stood up I spilled Mrs. Lurker's beer all over some other diners shoes. I still didn't realize until we were nicely outside. Just another typical time for the Lurkers.

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