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Israel's Passover stripper strikes again

Posted Mon Apr 6, 2009 8:03pm AEST

A man stripped down to nothing but a strategically placed sock at a Tel Aviv supermarket in protest at its decision to sell bread over Passover in violation of Jewish religious laws, Ynet News reports.

Police led away Arieh Yerushalmi, 28, after he shed his clothing in the store on Sunday - one year after he staged a similar protest at another supermarket.

Mr Yerushalmi wanted to protest against the store's decision to continue selling bread and other leavened products during the Passover week that begins on Wednesday.

Jewish law forbids the use of such products during the holiday.

Leaders of the ultra-orthodox community, meanwhile, have written to dozens of stores and restaurants in Jerusalem urging them to reverse a decision to sell leavened food during Passover, according to media reports.

"At the last minute, refrain from doing this and declare that you will not burn your souls for a one-moment pleasure as well as financial profit," the ultra-Orthodox rabbinical Court of Justice said, according to Ynet.

"The punishment for the blasphemy expected to hit the Holy City is extremely severe, and you will be the ones responsible for this," their letter said.


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