Sunday, March 22

are you mentally ill?

No really stop it news people. This is not a real story. People who beleiev that a god is placing images in random food objects to inspire you is ill. End of story. They need to be brought to place where they can lie down. Unfortunatley this is treated like a real story every damn time this happens.
Below is one of the best abd saddest compilations of the Jesus in something story.
One of the reporters says "I can't see it but it is a good story." NO!

Image of Jesus or a bucket of filth.
On the same religion/cult note. I would like to thank anyone who has joined the lurkerites. However if you join do the Lurker a favor and add an avatar. I hate faceless people except the Question. Stand up be proud of your new religion/cult/social way of being. You might as well worship the Lurker at least you can see me in the flesh. I will be appearing in a grilled cheese near you.

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  1. I have a face, on my avatar. It's me, playing around with my DJ equipment in my room. So, that's my name.

    Also, I do agree this is kinda weird to me, however, being Mormon, it's not too common around Utah. I do see a lot of paintings, yet, they are supposed to have him in them. Tee Hee Hee.

    Yes, this is kinda not worth sorting through your morning breakfast to see a face of deity. I do love cinnamon rolls. Yum!