Thursday, January 8

you can actually see the needle marks on his arms

This magical little link will lead you to the merry land of the freaks known as the Landover Baptist Church. Now I know you may try to avoid reading their posts or watching their videos but when they are this awesome you can't help yourself. It is a post about stopping children from watching Scooby Doo. This all sorts of levels of crazy. I mean levels and levels. They back up thier diatribe with all sorts of the strangest shit imaginaible. I use the word shit specifically. No the Lurker Musn't ruin it. Go take a look and have a scooby snack while you're there.
Just WOW!!!


  1. I'm pretty sure the whole site in your link is a mockery of all things christian. I couldn't take any of the site seriously and I hope you don't.

    It even states that the site shouldn't be viewed by any persons under 18... what does that tell you?


  2. I would take the link down entirely if I were you. Spending 15 seconds on the site froze Firefox for me, and now my computer is giving me all the signs that it has contracted a virus.

    If this church is real, I'm chucking my dead desktop through their chapel window.