Wednesday, August 27

Vacation over...

I tried posting a bunch of times while I was on vacation but I either had no service, time or inclination. So I threw together a quick slide show so I can continue posting real time wasters.

Some of the pictures include:

  • A little stop off at the fantastic twin stores of Archie McPhee. Seriously worth the travel.
  • A quick stop at the PBJ restaurant. Seriously what is better than PB, raspberry jam, bananas and honey?
  • A truly frightening type of cereal
  • A stop at the Museum of Curiosities in Seattle, the freak pig and 4 legged chicken were just some of the wonderments, oh ya a magnified shot of fleas in wedding costumes
  • My brother and I toasting the founder gassy Jack the whiskey bringer of Vancouver
  • The bathroom sign at the SCI-FI museum
  • Oh yes me after a fall down a halfpipe in the early morning...freakin dew

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