Friday, May 23

Wasting Time Volume 49

Welcome back time wasters. So this week the Lurker downloaded the 80's animated series of the Incredible Hulk with Stan Lee voice over and it has been a big geek fest. Seriously it is just so..well eighties. Stan Lee's voiceover makes the whole thing. Also most of the voices are GI Joe voices as well. Freakin awesome. Anyway enough about that. Speaking of geek remember this weekend is the Mars Phoenix Lander. It should land on Mars around 7:50 PM this Sunday. For all of you science and space nerds this is the big fun. The Lurker wanted to raise a toast to the lander but what to drink? The Lurker posed the question on Yahoo Answers and got some decent responses. Alright shall we get time wasting?

Two other things. If you have any bits of interest please send them in. The Lurker is trying to see as much as possible but there is just not enough time for the internet. Damn you internet.
Also The Lurker put out another plea for video tapes on craigslist. If anyone wants to donate email me. Almost completely out.

The Lurker

Now it has been quite some time since I have heard from the young Dr. Nick however when he does email he sends the Lurker much goodness. This is just a fantastic video.
Shalom bitch!





  1. Hey,

    Thanks for having my 'If Operating Systems Were Houses' as one of your links! Glad I could assist you in the wasting of your time:)

  2. Just a question...
    have you ever been told you're an ass?
    Anyone who doesn't stand behind our troops can stand in front.
    Coward...sending insults with pictures and not even having the balls to "use your words".