Friday, August 1

Wasting Time Volume 50

Hello fellow time wasters. This is the 50th volume of the wasting time lists and It will be the last. That is not to say that the Lurker will not continue. It just means the Lurker will be changing the way this is done. The reasons are straightforward. To compile a list and get it ready is a pain in the ass and the Lurker has other things to get done like grow mushrooms and watch Betamax tapes. That being said here is a quick list of changes.
  • No more lists, just quick posts as The Lurker finds them
  • More stuff faster. Before I would wait until I had enough stuff and by then the links were old news
  • Also The Lurker hates to say it but I will be dropping the third person stuff. It is a pain to write that way and I end up screwing up what I wanted to say anyway
  • I will be a bit more selective, only a little bit though
  • I will be looking for some advertising for this thing so if anyone has any ideas let me know. Don't tell me Google Adwords please. That relationship ended abruptly.
Finally I would like to thank everyone who actually tuned into read this. I hope this makes the site better and more appealing. I would recommend the RSS feed if you are still interested or just check in when you feel the need to waste some time.


The Lurker

To round this off are some quick video links


  1. So, for advertising... I know you won't much like my suggestion... I would take it on the road. Push out content via Facebook, Twitter, Kwippy, and comments on other blogs or platforms. Use networking and get into people's newsfeeds. You've got great content, and I think the possibility of referential growth from that sort of activity is pretty good. The more people you get from that method, the more social bookmarks you get, and then there is WOM much further outside of your network.