Thursday, July 26

Excuse of the week

Yes I know I am late! Also I know this is the second week in a row. However I was early 3 weeks ago so I am only down by one week.

That being said what is the excuse you ask? Well between the damnable length of Harry potter and the fact that Mrs. Lurker and I are reading it out loud, as we have done for most of them, and the fact Silo, one of cats, got out yesterday. A construction guy putting in our new door left the window open and Silo fell out of it. Silo is brilliant We spent an anxious night wandering the dark forbidding streets of our neighborhood. The lurker found him, amazingly doing a good imitation of lurking, across the street.

So all that long winded excuse done. I must go and do today's work but I bet it will be up before the day finishes.

The Lurker

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