Thursday, June 7

Wasting Time Volume 24

Well another week and more time wasted. The Lurker has been putting out feelers for a new job and this is one of the responses he has received.
Your online resume has been reviewed and we have determined that you are qualified to apply for a position as a Customer Service Representative with our company, Too-Spoiled. We are one of the most exciting web launches in recent years. Customer Service Representatives with Too-Spoiled need outstanding written and verbal communication skills, excellent phone etiquette, knowledge of both Microsoft Office and the Internet and at least a year of experience in customer service. Our Customer Service Representatives assist models and actors with all site-related concerns, help them maximize the revenue potential of their personal profile pages and troubleshoot any problems they may have.

The Lurker has no plans to send his resume into any place called too spoiled. What an absolutely awful sounding place.

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