Wednesday, May 30

Wasting Time Volume 23

So the Lurker has discovered a new addiction, going through videotapes looking for randomness. It started out wonderfully looking though video after video and finding that 75% of the videos that were blank turned out to be porn. Not even the good kind but 70's porn. The type that makes you want to gouge your eyes out. However some of the videos were great and one of them was viewed 11,000 times. This has only reinforced the addiction and now the Lurker is seriously hooked. Click here for all the videos.

So The Lurker has two questions for those reading this. Where can I get more videos and what can I do with all of these videos when I am finished. Think of a craft project then leave a comment.

Oh ya the photo. Mr. and Mrs. Lurker were lurking through the large trash and we found that fantastic picture.

This will make you smile

I wish I had $30....just add friends

The legion of Doom rated

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