Tuesday, May 8

Wasting Time Volume 20

Welcome back everyone for number 20. Now today's post has a special goal. A good friend and contributor of the Lurker is graduating this week. So in hopes of sending him off to a school were he can buckle down and really waste some time. Oh, also I can do a little embedding finally. I am not going to do too much so that the page loads faster.
The Lurker

To begin, one of the best valedictorian speeches Seth Macfarlane's Speech at Harvard
Part 1,Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

I hope Nick's father is watching, this could be helpful.

A bit lame but he was young then

OK I am older I know but I have watched this one over and over and I have been laughing the whole time

I found prat fall after prat fall but this one looked real

I feel as though Nick's final project at school was bit tedious frankly

A homeschool graduation

A Freudian graduation

Sometime I get a little nervous too, watch behind the speaker

While Nick waits for his diploma, just a little something to watch for

Nice short graduation speech from the U of M, Some good old Coulter bashing...Nice

Finally a little lesson to send Nick off with

Seriously we at Lurker Industries do wish him well and hope he sends in a hell of a lot more videos so the Lurker has some time to play Lego Star Wars. He has now graduated from a small lurkette to full fledged Lurker with all the power and responsibility that goes with this upgrade.

And now to continue our noble work


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