Monday, October 31

The best costume ever in the mind of a 4 year old

When the Lurker was wee tot going out for Halloween I saw kids wearing these "awesome" costumes and I must say I was terribly jealous. In retrospect they are horrible cheap and bad costumes but I still would buy therm if I saw one sitting at a yard sale. OK, What are they? They are, were, called Kooky Spooks. They came out in the seventies and consisted of a blow up head piece, a plasticky mask with eye holes and some terrible apron-like costume for your torso. Even as I write this I can feel the two parts of me arguing. As a child this was the height of the art form of costuming. The adult (read cynical adult) admits they are just plain shitty. 
Anyway here is a blog that has more photos of the Kooky Spooks. I tried cleaning up the photo just a bit but only with so much luck. 
Do me a favor if you remember these tell me something about them. Did you have one or did you want one?

There are two reasons The Lurker is showing this video. First it has one of the most frighteninig scenes in movie history. Even when watching the clip my spine turned cold. Those twins scare the crap out of me. Also for some reason the guy who put the video together is wearing the Kooky Spooky Costume.

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