Friday, September 23

Get off your knees and help the Lurker

Yesterday the Lurker asked the Facebook followers for a favor. I asked for everyone following the Lurker on facebook to ask others to follow so I could finally realize my dream of breaking 200 fans on the Lurker's fb page. It was a valiant effort by the followers of the page. The Lurker saw some really great posts asking for more fans. I would like to thank all those that helped. It was awesome to see! We came awfully close 198. So I am throwing this out to the larger Lurkerite crowd. If you enjoy the wasted time then please do one of the following. Like the page on facebook, subscribe on Twitter, (FB and Twitter followers get extra content) or add your name as a Lurkerite by following this page.
Do it for Wasted Time. Do it for peace throughout the cosmos and apple pie. Sorry I was rolling with it. Most of all do it for the man in this photo. Give him a hint to stop wasting his time being a creepy referee and instead waste his time more appropriately here. 

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