Thursday, July 28

Hard Justice or Scared Stiff

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Rapist Stuck With Erection For 18 Days After Sex With Schoolgirl (from this site)
One of the more interesting crime news stories we came across this week refers to a Zimbabwean man who recieved an unusual sympathy vote from a magistrate during a bail hearing ahead of his statutory rape trial – Because he couldn’t get rid of his 18-day old erection!

Alleged rapist Phumuzani Ndlovu, 25, from the town of Nyamandlovu, Zimbabwe, kept one hand covered over his groin during his latest appearance at a Bulawayo court, in order to hide his 18 day throbbing erection, which he claims he has sustained ever since he made love to a “stunning” 15-year old girl earlier this month. The man was visibly in agony throughout the court hearing, reports News Day in their crime news section.

Sordid Ndlovu told the judge that he had been unable to lose his boner since having sex with the girl, and that he believed a black magic spell had been cast over him. He then asked the court if he could be granted bail in order to receive treatment for his condition.

Goodluck Katenaire, prosecuting, said that “From a humanitarian viewpoint, we are unopposed to bail for the meantime.”

The presiding magistrate, appearing to be touched by the hard plight the man was experiencing, agreed to bail on condition that he return to court for the next hearing on August 15.

Ndlovu had already tried to seek treatment for his hard-on before he was arrested for the rape, he explained to the court. “I went to the hospital in Nyamandlovu, but they said they couldn’t help me. They said I need to use traditional remedies to treat the problem. Unfortunately, I was arrested before I could get help.”

“I did not have a constant erection before sleeping with the girl,” he added.

Earlier, prosecutors described to the court how Ndlovu had met the unnamed 15-year old girl while travelling home on a bus from Bulawayo on the evening of July 8. Ndlovu allegedly chatted the girl up before inviting her into his home once the bus reached his stop. The girl agreed to join him, and they went on to have consensual sex later that evening.

Ndlovu’s problems began the following day however, when he awoke to find that his erection had not diminished. Angry, he went to the girl’s school and confronted her, accusing her of “doing something to him”. Worried school authorities called in the girl’s grandparents, who decided to report the incident to police.

Should he be convicted of statutory rape, Ndlovu could be jailed for up to ten years.

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