Tuesday, June 21

I felt part of my brain tear in half

There are some rational people in this video but the first few made me feel like throwing myself out a window. 
The whole  " I think we should teach all views in school" thing is pissing me off. If you want creationism go the FUCK to church. 
If you want creationism taught in school then you need to teach every single possibility from Egyptian to Greek mythos. Every culture has a story about the beginning of the world so why single one out. How about this, we have something called world culture and you learn about different beliefs there and we teach science in science class
And if one more person tells me it's a theory in that way that it leaves tons of room for doubt then don't teach the theory of  gravity.
Why is this a question in 2011? If we teach creationism in schools than I want evolution taught in churches.
Let's stop fucking around and act like sane adults

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