Thursday, April 21

Free Stepson (Fa Riv)

Found this a while back
Free Stepson (Fa Riv)
from craigslist | free stuff in south coast
Free to a good home or "any" home, I just want him gone. 39 year old deadbeat
stepson....... No job, no money, "you got ten bucks I could borrow?" and
no life, owes everyone money. "you could be next". Comes with wife
(she's a good person that will part with him, I think ). "No you can not
have her" But for FREE you can get a Deadbeat stepson that comes with
two kids, boy and girl and one grandson.. He never shows up on time and
will leave you hanging every day of the week. "His clock is three to
four hours slow, plan accordingly" He wakes up between 10am and 12pm
daily and his routine after he or you drags his lazy ASS out of bed
consist of taking a shower (yes he's clean) and putting gel on his
balding head. His hobbies are talking and texting on his phone. "Try
taking it away from him, he will cry, scream, jump up and down like a
five year old". ( It is kind of fun to watch him squirm and wiggle over a
stupid phone). He is an avid "want to be" mechanic and truck
driver." So if your car or truck breaks down at the (pickle park) he's your man".
"Please Let Me Know" tkx.....

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