Tuesday, March 29

Where in the world is Scooter Stevens?

Last night, while cooking some potato Latkes, I watched some of the movie Better Off Dead. I started wondering what happened to all the people from the movie. I found most of them but one is still a mystery..
Scooter Stevens, better known as Badger has no information past 1989. I'll put some of the bits I did find but if you know something about him drop me a comment. It's not like I am worried, I just want the info. In the internet world we live in your life is usually easily documented. 

The Lurker

Q Do you find that other former child stars have a sense of humor about themselves and their experiences?
A:The only real strong commonality is that we all went to the same places. We all knew the same people. If you see an actor in his 30s who did commercials during the 1980s, you can talk about this kid named Scooter Stevens. He's in Better Off Dead. He plays the little brother who buys the rocket device. Well, Scooter's mom—I don't know how old she was, but she looked like she was in her 40s—she would go to these auditions in these incredibly low-cut, garish evening gowns. They were extremely loud, sparkly things, and she always wore these bouffant wigs. If you asked any kid from Los Angeles who went on commercial auditions for any period of time from 1979 to 1982, they'll probably remember Scooter's mom.

1987 Nominated Young Artist Award Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor, Guest Starring in a Television, Comedy or Drama Series
for: "Tales from the Darkside" (1983).

His last entry on IMDB
She's Out of Control
Bonnie's Date


  1. This is a mystery! Crazy. This post comes up on the first page of google results, btw.

  2. That bit from the Wil Wheaton interview is amazing! I can't find anything on Danny Corkill who was Turtle in D.A.R.Y.L. and Alex in Without a Trace.

  3. Great Wil Wheaton story - Film Reference (http://www.filmreference.com/film/50/Scooter-Stevens.html) says that Scooter's mom is Nina Cohn.

  4. Depends how stalkerish you want to get. I think he probably goes by his real life name Scott William Stevens now. That name is on IMDB.com A google search says that Scooter was born in April 1973. There's a Scott William Stevens who is the same age as Scooter that lives in California and I'd guess that's him.

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  6. Was better off dead the only movie he was ever in??
    He definitely had a classic role as Badger!!