Wednesday, March 23

Some new movies coming out

The other day I was wandering through the nets and found a bunch of unique movie coming out. Here's some of the ones that stood out.

  • Super 8 - I have a feeling this is going to be a big deal in the way Close encounters was. Watch the second trailer and let me know what you think. Kids, area 51 and Spielberg, must I say more?
  • Fat, Sick and Nearly dead - You want inspiration to lose weight then see this movie. Looks decent. About an Australian and a juice diet in the US (not sure why)
  • Rubber  - The single strangest premise of a movie ever made...ever, no I'm serious. It is a movie about a homicidal possibly psychic rubber tire. I explained this to Mrs. Lurker and she said you mean like Christine. NOPE. Just a tire. Stop questioning me and go watch the damn trailer. GAWWWWWDDDDD!!!
  • Sucker Punch - At first it looks like the standard crap where a bunch of women in an asylum fight back. As usual things like their nice makeup and combed hair bug me but then the trailer takes a turn I didn't expect. Could be a fun throw away adventure movie. Who knows it might even be good.
  • Bill Cunningham New York  - A documentary about a New York photographer. This seems like a nice strange little movie talking about something I have no idea about , fashion photography. Don't skip just becasue it sounds not like your cup of tea. Watch the trailer.

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