Thursday, March 24

The Lurker realizes his brain may have exploded

I am a crazy poster. I was invited repeatedly to join Facebook but like most things I do I embrace it wholly (read too much) and over do things. It could be an uncontrolled attention span who knows...

So for today, as a test, I will be only commenting on others and not posting on my personal page. Instead, for today, this will be where I put my comments. 
  • Anybody ever make dashi? Got any tips
  • I just read all of the Gottfried tweets and I must say he didn't say anything that wasn't said within hours of other disasters. Even when everything is tumbling around me I'll be going out with a bad joke. Plus if you read it and then felt guilty and donated well all to the good then. I'm not defending him but I will say it allows an edge of the horribleness to be taken down a notch. The fact that people were surprised amazes me. He was the first comedian to break the 911 no jokes wall. The real question is when is it the time to make a joke about something serious?
  • Traffic will be lighter after the rapture
  • Get gas before getting on a highway. Backups everywhere

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