Thursday, March 31

Get Beakman and Nye on the phone pronto

The Lurker has been watching all the press about the need for young people to get in to science fields because we are losing or lost our hold on that field. It seems to the Lurker that when science was cool and interesting was when you had people who were making it fascinating on TV. We really could use a slate of new shows featuring explainers and fun experiments for science. I watched Mr. Wizard and tried what he showed me. I did the same for Nye and Beakman. I know what you're thinking, we already have shows like that. Phooey I say. Yes I said Phooey. All the reality driven ones are not exactly interactive asking you to participate. Yes I love Mythbusters too but it's not the same. When Bill Nye would explain something and then challenge you to prove it to yourself that is when science is real.
This really isn't a rant but a wish for more TV that doubled as entertaining and learning. We used to have some intelligent people on TV. Now we embrace the dumb and trashy we give them commercial deals. Jersey Shore and its ilk are making us numb idiots.
One of the reasons we had science shows was the deal that TV stations had to put on a certain percentage of educational TV per day. That has been gone for a long time and I believe it is a main driver of students not getting excited about science early. I could go on whining about the lack of learning and how we just teach to tests but what's the point you have some show on with the words house wives in it.

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